Gas Furances

Trane 95 Gas Furnaces

Exceptional comfort even on the coldest days 

Trane builds every gas furnace to operate as quietly and reliably as possible. Trane XV95 furnaces feature Trane's highest AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings, enabling up to 96.7% of the fuel you pay for to be converted directly into usable heat. The system also features ComfortLink II communicating technology, connecting all the key system components and enabling remote telephone access.

Trane 90 Gas Furnaces

Reliable gas heating for gentle warmth and cleaner air 

Trane 90 gas furnaces are quiet and cost less to operate with a very high AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). Temperature control is precise, delivering a higher level of comfort. You get clean, comfortable air even when the weather outside is frigid. 

Trane 90 gas furnaces: Offer 2-stage heating and a variable-speed blower motor with Comfort-R™ for enhanced quiet, comfort and utility savings. 

Work in summer with your air conditioner and cooling coil to distribute cool air and dehumidify your home with Comfort-R™ mode.

Trane 80 Gas Furnaces

Reliable gas heating for gentle warmth and cleaner air 

Efficient performance - Rated with up to 93% AFUE and is Energy Star qualified. 

Comfortable, even heating - Variable-speed-fan motor adjusts speed to provide a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air with quiet operation. 

Durable construction - Materials for all components are tested performance and durability. 

Better indoor air - Trane CleanEffects technology is built in to your system for filtering that removes up to 99% of dust, pollen and other irritants

Payne Gas Furnaces (Fan Coils & Thermostats)

An energy-efficient Payne furnace provides welcome warmth during winter's blustery chill. Add a Payne central air conditioner and properly matched evaporator coil and you can count on cool, soothing relief from summer's heat as well. It's a total system solution for indoor comfort you can count on all year long.