Air Conditioners

Trane XLi Air Conditioners

The highest level of cool, clean comfort 

XLi air conditioners are designed and engineered to meet grid specifications, tested to assure excellent performance and manufactured to last. Each unit delivers exceptional reliability and energy efficiency all day, all night and for years to come. XLi air conditioners thoroughly condition your air, making your home an ideal environment.

Trane XR Air Conditioners

Settle in to a high level of clean, comfortable air. 

High performance, excellent reliability and energy efficiency - that's what you can expect from the XR family of air conditioners. Packed with Trane's innovative technology they condition your air quietly and affordably, turning your home environment into a place you'll find completely welcoming.

Payne Central Air Conditioners (Indoor Coils & Thermostats)

Central air conditioners are two-part systems consisting of an outdoor unit and an indoor component that includes a cooling coil and a fan or blower. Payne always recommends replacing the indoor coil when purchasing a new air conditioner because most likely, it is as old as the outdoor unit. Replacing the indoor coil will ensure the best comfort, efficiency and reliability, and covers your entire system with new product warranties.

Payne Air Conditioners & Evaporator Coils

Comfort is important to all of us. After all, who doesn't enjoy the refreshing feel of an air conditioned home on a scorching summer day? That's why Payne offers a complete family of affordable central air conditioners.